A friend of mine once asked me, why I am not rich. I am charming, good looking, intelligent and talented I know to express myself (and humility is one of my most prominent qualities). So why on earth am I not rich? Told that to another friend and she explained to me I had one profound problem concerning getting rich and famous: I neither need nor crave recognition for any achievement.

She is right. I know the value (or lack thereof) of anything I do myself, the applause of others might be nice, but is nothing I need. I want to be seen as a person, perceived in what I am. To see somebody smile, just because this human being enjoys the fact I exist, that is enough.

All that really doesn’t help in getting rich.I hate promoting myself, I even always hated writing a diary. My way of experiencing and understanding the world is in Cassirer’s sense the dialectic that results from the dialog with others. Ubuntu — humans become humans through humans.

Though I use Debian.